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Product Code : EST LAB TRAY
Item Description

Introducing the Ercon Laboratory Tray for Spills, a robust and versatile containment solution that is essential for every laboratory setting. Designed specifically to contain and manage spills, this tray provides a safe and effective way to handle various types of liquid chemicals.

Manufactured from high-quality FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) material, the tray offers exceptional resistance to a wide array of chemicals. This composite construction ensures that it withstands regular use, maintaining integrity and durability.

The Ercon Laboratory Tray is thoughtfully designed with precise dimensions to cater to diverse needs. The outer dimensions measure 655 x 550 x 90mm, while the inner dimensions are 530 x 440 x 80mm. This spacious design allows the tray to comfortably hold up to 10 liters of liquid, making it suitable for handling both small and large volumes of spillage.

Key Features:

  • Material: Made from FRP material, a composite chemical-resistant construction that assures long-lasting performance.
  • Dimensions: Outer Dimension: 655 x 550 x 90mm; Inner Dimension: 530 x 440 x 80mm. Tailored to accommodate various containers and vessels.
  • Capacity: Capable of holding up to 10 liters of liquid, ensuring a suitable solution for a wide range of spill management scenarios.
  • Application: Perfect for use in laboratories, industrial settings, or any environment that requires controlled handling of liquid chemicals.

Trust Ercon to deliver safety and quality with their Laboratory Tray for Spills, providing a reliable and practical solution for your chemical handling needs. The combination of optimal size, robust material, and intelligent design makes it an indispensable tool in maintaining a secure and efficient workspace.

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