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Product Details
Product Code : EST1D
Item Description

Introducing the Ercon Spill Tray Model EST 1D, a specialized containment solution meticulously designed for the storage of industrial drums. Crafted to provide secure and efficient containment, this spill tray is an essential addition to any environment where controlled handling of materials is paramount.

Dimensions: Model EST 1D has precise dimensions of 600 x 600 x 300mm, carefully tailored to store a single 200-liter drum. Its compact size makes it suitable for various locations while ensuring efficient utilization of space.

Sump Capacity: With an impressive sump capacity of 120 liters, the spill tray effectively contains and manages any spillages or leaks. This significant containment ability ensures that your workspace remains clean and compliant with safety regulations.

Designed for One Drum: Specifically designed to securely store one drum of 200 liters, the EST 1D model accommodates standard industrial drums, offering a reliable and convenient containment solution.

Drain Plug: Equipped with a drain plug, the spill tray facilitates easy and controlled drainage of any residual liquids. This feature adds convenience to the cleanup process, maintaining a clean and efficient workspace.

Not Compatible with Material Handling Equipment: It is worth noting that the EST 1D model is not designed for compatibility with any material handling equipment. This makes it more suited to stationary storage and containment applications.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 300mm
  • Designed for Storing: One drum of 200 liters
  • Sump Capacity: 120-liter containment capacity
  • Drain Plug: Easy drainage of liquids
  • Compatibility: Not compatible with material handling equipment

The Ercon Spill Tray Model EST 1D stands as a testament to quality and innovation, providing a dedicated solution for the storage of a single 200-liter drum. Its design, complete with substantial sump capacity and convenient drain plug, makes it a highly practical choice for various industrial settings.

Ideal for stationary applications where controlled containment is required, this spill tray ensures a safe and efficient storage solution. Trust Ercon’s expertise in delivering this purpose-built containment tray that effortlessly fulfills your storage needs without compatibility with material handling equipment. Experience the blend of quality and convenience with the Ercon Spill Tray Model EST 1D.

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