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Ercon Two Way Heavy Duty Steel Reinforced Plastic Pallets are Available in Various Standard Sizes. These Pallets are Steel Reinforced and PU Filled as per the Customers end use Requirements. The Pallets are Manufactured from 100% Virgin Food Graded Plastic Material. We Offer Different Features to the Customers as an Option to select from as per the end use requirement at their end. 

The Options Featues are as under

a) The Three Runners have an Option of a RACK LOACK Groove. These Rack Lock Groove Rest on the Horizontal Members of the Racks. This is Basically a Safety Feature for the Pallets as this determines the Place where the Pallets have to Rest on the Racks and thus Prevents the Pallets to Fall from the Racks as the Pallets get Locked on the Racks

b) Safety Edge -- This is a Small Bortder of 8-10mm Height Throught the Perimetre of the Pallets. This also works as a Safety Feature while handling the Pallets with the Material Handling Euipments (MHE) like Hand Pallet, Fork Lift Etc.

c) Chequered Top -- The Top of the Pallets can Either be SMOOTH Flat Surface Or the same Can be Anti Skid Chequered for Better Hold of he Material on the pallets

d) Ribbed Legs -- Some Model of our Pallets have an Option of Ribbed Legs. This Gives Additional Strength to the Legs. 

e) FLAT BOTTOM - In Food, Pharma and Beverage Industries it is Very Important to Maintain the Hygiene. The Roto Pallets have an Option of FLAT Hygienic Bottom. With this It becomes very Easy to Wash, Clean and Maintain the Pallets.

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